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Pension Protection Plan

Why choose Pension Protection Plan?

NEW Pension Protection Plan

The UA is pleased to announce the Pension Protection Plan designed for its members across the United States and Canada. UA members have chosen an exciting career for many reasons and one often cited is a competitive pension than can be earned following a specific number of years in service. What happens when this plan to earn a pension is interrupted by a serious disabling sick ness or injury? How does the UA member replace the pension counted on when they can no longer work to earn through accrued years of service? Too often the member is left without this pension and must rely only on Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits.

The Pension Protection Plan, insured by Lloyd’s of London, provides a permanently disabled UA member with a one-time lump sum cash payout equal to 100X their monthly Social Security Disability benefit up to $200,000! For example, if a permanently disabled member is granted a $2,000.00 monthly SSDI benefit after 12 continuous months of disability, they would then receive a check for $200,000.

Coverage is guaranteed when you apply and you cannot be turned down regardless of current health condition(s). The requirement to receive your benefit is that you have been permanently disabled for 12 months and Social Security Disability has been awarded.

If you do not have such coverage, your pension is at risk and what you receive is subject to years on the job including the possibility of having no benefit at all.


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